The Client Service Dr. Jon Kiev: Some Qualities Of Good Surgical Instruments

Dr. Jon Kiev: Some Qualities Of Good Surgical Instruments

Dr. Jon Kiev: Some Qualities Of Good Surgical Instruments post thumbnail image

Surgical instruments are a key component of any surgical procedure, and they must be built with the right materials and design. It’s also important to keep them sharp, so they can perform their function as efficiently as possible. For that matter, medical equipment entrepreneur and cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Jon Kiev will tell some important qualities of good surgical instruments.


Accuracy is a crucial factor in the quality of surgical instruments. Inaccurate instruments can cause unnecessary trauma, blood loss, and pain for the patient. They can also lead to poor results if they are not used properly. A surgeon may use an inaccurate scalpel to cut through tissue during surgery. This could result in more damage than necessary or even cause them to miss their target altogether.


Sharpness allows the medical instrument to do its job, which is to cut tissue and/or pull out foreign bodies. This quality also ensures safety, because it prevents injury to yourself or others during the use of an instrument.

In this case, sharpness in surgical instruments can be achieved at any time by grinding or sharpening using an abrasive material such as sandpaper on metal surfaces until they are smooth enough for you to feel them with your fingers.


Finally, durability is defined as the ability of an object to withstand damage or wear. This can be a difficult quality to determine, but there are some ways that you can tell if an instrument is durable. One thing you want to look at is the material used in its construction and how well it was put together.

If you see any gaps between pieces of metal or plastic in a surgical instrument Dr. Jon Kiev , this could lead to problems later on down the road. It’s also important that all parts are properly connected so they don’t come apart while being used on a patient.

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