The Client Service Dr. Erik Goluboff takes into account all the details to indicate the best treatment

Dr. Erik Goluboff takes into account all the details to indicate the best treatment

Dr. Erik Goluboff takes into account all the details to indicate the best treatment post thumbnail image

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, which is associated with different diseases of the prostate and the urinary system in men. In summary, prostatitis means inflammation of the prostate. In most cases, it is a bacterial infection that affects the prostate.
With some frequency, these prostate infections are almost asymptomatic or with symptoms so mild that they are labeled small urine infections or flu-like illnesses. In addition, the diagnosis is not easy. For this reason, Dr. Erik Goluboff carries out a very detailed interrogation by applying available diagnostic methods. Between 2% and 10% of adults have suffered from symptoms of chronic prostatitis throughout their lives.
Dr. Erik Goluboff takes a complete medical history based on the diagnosis. He performs a digital rectal exam, which often reveals an enlarged and painful prostate gland. In addition, he orders a urinary ultrasound, which helps assess prostate size and other causes.

Take into account all the details

Likewise, Dr Erik Goluboff orders a urine and semen analysis, which helps decide the most appropriate antibiotic treatment. Usually, only the fractional urine culture is performed since, due to the general picture, the semen sample collection does not seem adequate; finally, he orders a blood test, which is the leukocyte formula.
Frequently, the treatment of the infected prostate begins in the emergency room with intravenous antibiotic therapy and is later transferred to the oral route. The duration of treatment should be at least one month. Short treatments fail and relapse frequently. When urinary and painful symptoms recur from time to time, it is called chronic prostatitis.

Timely treatments

The treatment of prostatitis will depend on how it manifests itself and its symptoms. In acute cases for him,Dr. Erik Goluboff’s most important thing is to control the infection. The infection can sometimes become serious and force the admission of the patient and the use of intravenous antibiotics.
Many patients, especially young people, need psychological support from the urologist. Urinary symptoms are very neurotizing. Explaining over and over again that the situation is temporary and that it will end up happening is not wasting time.

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